Our young business is created by people with a ten years experience in modern technology branch, especially multimedia. Realising the importance of good relationship between our firm and customers and wanting to meet our contractors’ expectations we are aiming to provide the best quality service, based on our knowledge.

Due to several years’ experience in a dynamically developing trade, we can offer a high quality recordings, videos or post-production, starting from wedding videos, moving on to presentation and advertising of businesses, towns or regions, events coverage, and finishing on digital documentation of various construction projects or traffic accidents.

We are ready to collaborate with every economy branch. We are equipped with HD video cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), action cameras recording in 4k resolution.

If you are interested in our services do not hesitate to contact us and let us provide you with optimal solutions.



Six engine hexacopter RS6 with suspended SONY NEX 5 camera. It’s a big and stable platform controlled by Graupner transmitter with a real-time image viewer.
Phantom 2 Vision + a renowned company’s DJI. Fully integrated camera recording in Full HD quality provides an extremely stable images.


I’ve been making aerial photographs for three years. I’m experienced in making video projects for various institutions. I believe that safety and common sense are the most important things to consider while operating drones.


To improve safety, I attended a course and passed a national examination for an unmanned aerial vehicle operator (UAVO) with VLOS authorization, attaining a qualification certificate in the Civil Aviation Authority.


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